Sato Kilman wins PM vote, 29 to 23

Sato Kilman has won the horse trading and has been named Prime Minister of the 10th Parliament of the Republic of Vanuatu. George Wells is Speaker. Kilman’s last government plumbed new depths in the annals of Vanuatu democracy. Will it be business as usual for Kilman, or will the considerably strengthened Opposition keep him in check?

In any case, we’ll all be watching.


New Parliament this morning

The 10th Parliament of Vanuatu sits this morning and will elect MPs to the positions of Speaker and Prime Minister as well as make other constitutional appointments. Radio Vanuatu News says both sides have prepared well for the votes needed this morning. However, how the whole house will treat the many electoral disputes raised so far is not known. Solidarity signings have continued in recent days with entire political parties and fragments of parties.

Daily Post says “Parliament meets with both sides still claiming numbers“. Two Alliance groups met outside the Prime Minister’s Office on Saturday afternoon, both seeming to represent a return of the Kilman government. One was led by PM Sato Kilman, the other by deputy PM Ham Lini.

We can only wait and see… keep hitting ‘refresh’ in your browser throughout the day as we keep you updated.