Kastom in contempt of court, or is court in contempt of kastom?

red mat blong Pentecost

Daily Post knew it was on to a controversial issue. Today they say Justice Chetwynd’s decision has become the talk of the week as many comments by members of the public supported the defendants’ right to dress in their kastom attire in court. Yesterday we reported Daily Post saying Chief Viraleo Boborenvanua was removed from court in Port Vila under the orders of Justice Chetwynd for appearing in court in kastom dress to lodge a plea. This is in relation to his arrest and that of others on Pentecost ten months ago. The group were to reappear, and they did so yesterday in their red Pentecost mats. And this time Justice Chetwynd insisted they have to find someone to represent them. Their plea hearings are now scheduled for Tuesday. Social media and national and commercial radio stations have all Read the rest of this entry »

A household survey essential before taxation changes, says ILO

tax Vanuatu

There is one item in today’s news which the Vanuatu Daily Digest feels should be compelling reading for everyone, certainly the dozens of townspeople the editor meets on buses from day to day. All are bewildered by the range of ideas politicians, government officers and experts are expressing on the topic of taxation for wage earners and companies. The item referred to is a front page article in Daily Post in which Jonas Cullwick carefully details the recommendations of a wages specialist of the International Labour Organization (ILO) on the income tax proposal. What’s more, the ILO specialist is here for the rarely-reported Tripartite Labor Advisory Council, TLAC, which represents Vanuatu’s government, employers and workers in the country. TLAC held a public lecture and meeting at the Grand Hotel. The ILO expert, Daniel Kostzer, says Vanuatu needs a more evidence-based approach to the issue of taxation and a household survey is necessary. Yes, indeed. And the ILO must Read the rest of this entry »

Filariasis completely eliminated from Vanuatu; womens’ achievements celebrated on International Day for Rural Women

No longer in Vanuatu: Filariasis. Image: CDC/Alexander J. da Silva, PhD/Melanie Moser/CDC Public Health Image Library

No longer in Vanuatu: Filariasis. Image: Alexander J. da Silva, PhD/Melanie Moser/CDC Public Health Image Library

The news is just out today. Vanuatu has eliminated filariasis. The World Health Organisation (WHO) DG for the Western Pacific made the announcement in the Philippines with Health Minister Toara Daniel present at a reception honouring the achievement. Cambodia and the Cook Islands have also eliminated the disease, also known as elephantiasis, or in Bislama as big leg. A campaign to eradicate the disease has needed regular drug applications, a singular success in a small country with so many islands. (Daily Post)

The International Day for Rural Women was launched at Erakor village this week by Read the rest of this entry »

Rare hailstorm lashes Shepherds Islands; Chamber of Commerce to review Govt taxation proposals in detail

Hail stones damaged trees, crops and homes on Emae on Monday

Hail stones damaged trees, crops and homes on Emae and other islands on Monday

Yesterday’s hailstorm over Mataso, Makira and Emae made headlines today. Fest Napuan starting this evening only rated a front page single column, but then we have to acknowledge hail is hardly ever seen in our tropical paradise and snow, of course, just doesn’t ever get here. (Daily Post)

Radio Vanuatu News announced this morning the Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry VCCI has chosen a six-member team to review the revenue tax proposals presented to the public as drafts from the Government. The VCCI team is considering all the possibilities, analysing the detail and preparing an answer for Government. The next public consultation of the government Revenue Review Committee is to be next week, on Thursday 20 October at the National Convention Centre, starting at 9:30am. It seems that the VCCI is going Read the rest of this entry »

Land Leases Act amendment to allow case-by-case forteiture of in-breach leases


Prime urban real estate: Government is investigating the possibility of forfeiture of a dozen urban leases that are in breach of their lease conditions

Minister for Land Ralph Regenvanu has told Daily Post that the Land Leases Act is to be amended so that breaches can be dealt with on their own merit and so that breaches of conditions other than non-payment of land rent can be isolated from the payment of rents. It comes about because Government is investigating the possibility of forfeiture of a dozen urban leases of prime real estate. Continuing payment of rent is understood to nullify forfeiture processes and has taken place where some of these leases are concerned. The Minister is seeking to overturn this provision.

Another land matter is Read the rest of this entry »

PM wants reviews of funds pledged for Cyclone Pam relief, overseas missions

File picture of PM Charlot Salwai at the UN. Photo: UN Photo

File picture of PM Charlot Salwai at the UN. Photo: UN Photo

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Work remains for regional kava standards


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