Celebrations held in Vanuatu and China to mark 35 years of diplomatic relations

35 years of diplomatic relations between Vanuatu and China were celebrated at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing, China yesterday. Photo: David Morris

35 years of diplomatic relations between Vanuatu and China were also celebrated at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing, China yesterday. Photo: David Morris

This month marks 35 years of diplomatic relations between Vanuatu and China. With China becoming a major source of tourists and its long-standing committment to supporting Vanuatu’s development, it is only appropriate that we celebrate. In March 1982, Prime Minister Walter Lini signed the agreement for Read the rest of this entry »


Telecom Vanuatu Limited sold to company with 35% Fiji Government ownership

An example of a recent TVL promotion

An example of a recent TVL promotion

Amalgamated Telecom Holdings Limited of Fiji has announced its purchase of Telecom Vanuatu Ltd. The deal still needs the approval of the Vanuatu authorities including the Telecommunication Regulator. The agreement for the sale was signed by Mauritius Telecom Ltd and MT International Ventures PCC for the purchase of 100% of TVL. ATH’s two largest shareholders are the Fiji National Provident Fund (58%) and the Fijian Government (35%). ATH owns Fiji’s national telco Telecom Fiji Limited and mobile network Vodafone Fiji, amongst other businesses.

There was good news for Government finances this morning. Read the rest of this entry »

Improved cyclone tracking map issued ahead of next cyclone season

Vanuatu Meteorological Services's new cyclone tracking map, June 2016. Click on the image to load a larger version.

Vanuatu Meteorological Services’s new cyclone tracking map, June 2016. Click on the image to load a larger version.

A new and improved tropical cyclone tracking map has been issued by Vanuatu Meteorological Services. It shows the updated frequencies and times of broadcast of cyclone warnings. And there are sketches of the likely effects caused over land by the different categories of cyclones. Click on the image  Read the rest of this entry »

Tougher penalties for sexual offences proposed; Maewo gets connected via telemedicine


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Former engineers back PM’s call for VBTC to resume national radio service

An RNZI engineer inspects Radio Vanuatu's MW transmitter, destroyed by Cyclone Pam. Photo: PACMAS

An RNZI engineer inspects Radio Vanuatu’s MW transmitter, destroyed by Cyclone Pam. Photo: PACMAS

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Vanuatu daily news digest | 30 January 2013

The Minister for Internal Affairs, Toara Daniel, responsible for Immigration, has said the Ministry responsible is not aware of the formation of Pacific Migration Consultants and that the Director General of Internal Affairs George Bogiri must resign because of the conflict of interest presented by his setting up of this company in his own name. Daniel did this following a press conference by DG Bogiri and Principal Immigration Officer François Batick yesterday morning. The Minister’s remarks were reported by Radio Vanuatu News. Bogiri and Batick were giving their explanation why ‘Government’ hired Bogiri’s company to handle all of Vanuatu’s visa applications. DG Bogiri rejected media reports regarding the creation of the business, saying they are “baseless and unfounded,” and explaining the business was formed because of the numerous public complaints about the bad work of the Immigration Department. Batick backed him up and added there would be other agents in future. Straight after the Bogiri press conference, his Minister met members of the media and questioned the self-interest of the DG in making such a move. Minister Toara Daniel said Bogiri must resign and the PM and Council of Ministers must closely examine the matter. The Minister responsible was never informed of the move to set up such a business and observed that policy is only a matter for Government.

Daily Post today begins detailing by the TVL network failure which yesterday affected many of the telecommunications in Vanuatu. The failure interrupted fixed phones, mobiles and internet communications for periods of many hours, and not all services were restored by the end of the working day. More explanation is expected soon. This blog apologises for not delivering a new post yesterday.

Roch Wamytan of FLNKS promised MSG leaders and pioneers at the Symposium last Saturday that FLNKS (Front de libération nationale kanak et socialiste> would help the regional organisation in many ways during the next two years of its (FLNKS’s) presidency. However, his address, as covered by Daily Post, makes it quite clear that for FLNKS, Independence in New Caledonia is Kanak Independence, not France entering into the MSG inside a New Caledonian Trojan horse. Wamytan reiterates Fr. Walter Lini’s vision that Vanuatu cannot be free and independent until the whole of Melanesia is free and independent. France is not Melanesia: Kanaky is.

The Vanuatu Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Trade, Ham Lini, performed a custom “face cleaning” ceremony of national apology last Sunday towards the Deputy Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea Leo Dion, following recent events in Port Moresby with the unexpected visit of the Vanuatu Foreign Minister, Alfred Carlot, to PNG. The apology was accepted, said Radio Vanuatu News, in conformation with the spirit of unity which has prevailed during the MSG anniversary celebrations. It was considered important because the Prime Minister Sato Kilman was not aware of Carlot’s visit to PNG, necessitating PNG PM Peter O’Neill’s statement that Carlot had lied in what he told the press.

Prime Minister Sato Kilman opened the Shefa Community Transformation and Healing of the Land Conference of the Efate Presbytery by extolling the importance of “genuine” business investment and development to improve the lives of the people. Furthermore, close and regular dialogue with genuine development partners is important in face of the many challenges which confront the whole world. Government has a duty to understand and meet the needs of its people, together with supplying the development needs of the country, economical and social, with due regard to custom and the Christian faith of Vanuatu, VBTC News reported Kilman as saying. Land can become a blessing if we manage it well, he said, but it can also become a curse if we neglect or damage it.

Vanuatu’s Ambassador to the European Union, Roy Mickey Joy, has declared that the work of the Embassy is to provide consular assistance to citizens following Vanuatu law and the countries in which he works. Vanuatu’s EU Embassy was mentioned in media reports last week following Ambassador Joy’s request for clearance for the private jet carrying the two so-called Sakens to land in Port Moresby to meet Vanuatu Foreign Minister Alfred Carlot. It will be recalled that cancellation of Vu Anh Quan Saken’s passport was ordered by the Prime Minister last year. The ambassadorial “clarification” was covered by Radio Vanuatu News.

The two Bulgarians who allegedly broke into the ATM of a Port Vila bank recently
have been remanded until next week
when their case will be heard after court sittings resume.

Vanuatu daily news digest | 14 December 2012

Work is about to begin on a conference facility in the Parliament grounds worth VT 1.3 billion. The Government built a similar facility at the Le Lagon resort for the 2012 ACP/EU conference. A Chinese construction company, China Jiangsu Provincial Construction Co. Ltd., has been chosen for this new Parliament facility, but it has not been announced whether ni-Vanuatu will be employed on the project. Many building occupations are reserved exclusively for ni-Vanuatu citizens under the Labour Act, but many large projects have somehow circumvented this provision in recent years. Daily Post reports that the facility will take around 18 months to build. The project has been given priority over other much-needed major building works such as the new Supreme Court.

MP Willie Jimmy’s electoral petition against the candidacy of the Prime Minister has taken a dramatic turn: Jimmy’s lawyer has requested Chief Justice Vincent Lunabek disqualify himself from the case. MP Jimmy says he has no personal complaint with PM Sato Kilman, but he does feel that the Chief Justice gives preference to the rules governing such cases rather than the substance of the organic law passed by Parliament. Jimmy is also hiring a Queen’s Counsel to assist his petition, says Daily Post and Radio Vanuatu News.

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