Vanuatu to host first-ever Pacific Week of Agriculture next month

The Pacific Week of Agriculture will take place between 16–20 October and is expected to bring 200 delegates to Port Vila. Ministers and senior officials from agriculture departments around the region will attend Read the rest of this entry »


New hydrographic maps produced of three Tanna harbours

File photo of Lenakel wharf, Tanna. Photo: Flickr Creative Commons/PhillipC

File photo of Lenakel wharf, Tanna. Photo: Flickr Creative Commons/PhillipC

New hydrographic survey maps of three harbours on Tanna have been completed. They have been done, Radio Vanuatu said, because of the tourist potential of the areas concerned. Lowanatom in the west and Waisisi and Sulphur Bay in the east are the ports. The British Government has funded the survey work, and British High Commissioner David Ward (based in Honiara) said safety in the sea, protection of the marine environment and national development will be enhanced through the availability of the survey. George Borugu, as acting director for tourism, spoke of the huge potential for cruise tourism to these Tannese ports. (VBTC)

The bodies of three ni-Vanuatu seasonal workers who died in a Read the rest of this entry »

Law requires election of new President by July 3, says Electoral Commission

Vanuatu flag

The election of a new President will take place on July 3. Nominations are expected by close of business next Wednesday. The Electoral College comprises the 52 Members of Parliament, Presidents of the six Local Government Councils and the leaders of the three municipalities.

The Chairman of the Electoral Commission, Martin Tete, has made a singular effort to advise the general public on the need for the quick calling of the election to choose a new President. The laws involved require Read the rest of this entry »

Customs Dept requests roadworthiness compliance extension for older vehicles

A public transport bus passes by Port Vila market house. Photo © Vanuatu Digest

The Customs Department is asking for an extension to the payment period for road tax. Since 31 March is currently the legal deadline, the end of June is being requested. Cyclone Pam enabled a similar extension, and Customs being a Government service one would imagine it is all likely to Read the rest of this entry »

Govt hopeful that legislation will get Vanuatu off international financial grey list

Will legislation passed last year by Vanuatu's Parliament be sufficient to remove Vanuatu from the grey list?

Will legislation passed last year be sufficient to remove Vanuatu’s financial sector from international grey listing?

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MSG members to meet on 20th December to discuss West Papua’s membership

Supporters of full membership of MSG for West Papua demonstrate in Port Vila last April. Photo: AWPA

Vanuatu supporters of West Papua full membership of MSG marching in Port Vila last April. Photo: AWPA

December 20 is now proposed as the date for the MSG Leaders Summit to discuss membership, especially West Papua’s. The meeting was postponed from the first week of October in Port Vila. The new DG Amena Yauvoli told Kizzy Kalsakau of Buzz FM Nightly News that the date awaits confirmation from MSG Leaders. The MSG Secretariat is simply awaiting a consensus on the date. (Daily Post)

The People’s Plan as outlined yesterday on this website has been under discussion today in the National Convention Centre. This National Development Plan is to cover the period from Read the rest of this entry »

Vt 21 million missing from EU-funded energy project on Ambae

European Union flag. Photo: Håkan Dahlström/Flickr Creative Commons

Daily Post‘s page 1 headline today: “Investigation Demanded… Ambae EU aid project scandal gets attention of Euro-MPs”. Vt 21 million of the funds for the the EU-ACP Copra Oil Energy Generation Project on Ambae have allegedly been embezzled or mis-spent. Read the rest of this entry »