Opinion: PACER Plus is a poor deal for Vanuatu businesses that we should walk away from

Vanuatu says no to PACER Plus

As negotiations for PACER Plus, the proposed regional free trade agreement between Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Island Countries draw to a close, we can now see what it contains—and more importantly, what it means for Vanuatu producers. Read the rest of this entry »


Vanuatu daily news digest | 11 December 2012

Radio Vanuatu begins its news coverage today with the violence between Port Vila Tannese communities spreads to Tanna. Stores were damaged in Lenakel on Sunday. Vanuatu Mobile Force officers were flown to Tanna yesterday to help the police presence there. The VMF personnel took reports and witness statements from several places on the island. A meeting with a police and VMF presence was arranged by chiefs of the areas concerned.

Daily Post today leads with news of the defeated motion of no confidence in Prime Minister Sato Kilman and comment from veteran politician Willie Jimmy Tapangararua about the floor crossing of certain MPs who had signed the motion but who returned to the Government side for the vote on it. He describes their action as “based on personal interest” and says the MPs who  crossed just want to be ministers. Speaker George Wells closed the sitting of Parliament for the Christmas recess after the debate on the motion.

Internet service providers in Vanuatu met yesterday to agree to a big improvement to the way they connect to the internet, reports Radio Vanuatu News. This is apparently the first time in the Pacific that ISPs have joined forces in this manner. The Vanuatu Government, Digicel, Telsat Pacific, CanL and SPIM are all parties to the agreement.

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