Port Vila’s mayor wants income and corporate taxes to pay for service delivery

Port Vila's Mayor, Ulrich Sumptoh. File photo/IISD

Port Vila’s Mayor, Ulrich Sumptoh. File photo/IISD

Port Vila Mayor Sumptoh supports a taxation reaching everyone to pay for the services people receive from government as they are expected to pay for their municipal services. He is quoted by all media. He is certain the capital’s townspeople will contribute Read the rest of this entry »


Vanuatu daily news digest | 14 November 2012

Political news has been eclipsed this morning by other news, Daily Post observing that “political camps tight lipped on numbers.” You will most likely be reading this in steadily increasing daylight after Vanuatu passes through the partial solar eclipse of the sun this morning. 7:52am this morning saw the maximum coverage of the face of the sun by the moon.

The Vanuatu Christian Council  or VCC is taking up the West Papua case with purposeful determination in its Annual General Meeting next week, says  VCC Chairman Bishop James Ligo in Daily Post. He says VCC wants to know why the outgoing government of Sato Kilman has not taken up the plight of the “brothers and sisters of West Papua.” The VCC wants to learn what kind of assurances Indonesia gave to the MSG in order to have MSG observer status. “We cannot entertain somebody who kills our brothers and sisters. We will work with the new government to consult and pursue ways to free the people of West Papua who are getting killed every day by the Indonesian military”, says Ligo. Bravo VCC. Papua merdeka.

Living quarters aboard mega-yacht Phocea

Living quarters aboard mega-yacht Phocea. Source: http://www.sail-world.com/

Phocea features in an excellent story on the Sail World yachting website. The article gives the mega-yacht’s back story, and tells how her current stay in Vanuatu is not the first time the yacht has been involved in controversy. Go read the article here.

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