Vanuatu committed to meeting climate change commitments, President tells visiting Parliamentarians

President Moses has registered his strong commitment and that of the Government of Vanuatu to the ACP and EU to carry out the work required to fulfill the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. He gave the promise at the ACP/EU meeting that has been taking place this week in Port Vila. A large contingent of visitors has been in the capital for the 14th regional meeting of the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific/European Union (ACP/EU) Parliamentary Assembly. A total of 66 delegates are attending, including the Co-President of the ACP, Ibrahim Rassin Bundu, and acting Co-President of the EU Cecil Kashetu Kyenge. Sites visited included the Wind Farm project funded by the European Investment Bank and the Roi Mata Compound at Mangaliliu in the World Heritage area. The ACP Group’s main objectives are sustainable development and poverty reduction within the member states, as well as greater integration into the world’s economy.

Vanuatu is the first Pacific Island country to Read the rest of this entry »

Vanuatu and New Caledonia meet to discuss development relationship

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The Governments of New Caledonia and Vanuatu are meeting as they do annually. Their venue is the National Convention Centre in Port Vila. The Vanuatu Prime Minister and the President of the New Caledonian Government are conducting the bilateral meeting to discuss Read the rest of this entry »

Vanuatu Revenue Review report cites Vt 5 billion Govt revenue shortfall

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The official handover of the Vanuatu Revenue Review final report looking into reform and modernisation, yesterday, has resulted in excellent coverage in last weekend’s media. Those most closely involved are pleased with the work undertaken. From the Report will be drawn conclusions concerning income tax, and the report makes it abundantly clear, as does the Report, that Government Revenue does not meet the billions required of it. Minister Pikioune sees a revenue shortfall presently of Vt 5 billion. Other Government sources put the figure closer to Vt 2 billion. But a shortfall means something surely has to be done.

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Virgin coconut oil production gets a boost on Ambrym


With Australian Government assistance through TVET and the local virgin coconut oil production company, Bella Trading Vanuatu on Ambrym island is improving both quality and quantity of virgin coconut oil production. The Department of Industry has been training in the use of cold press machines given to communities through Australia’s Direct Assistance Programme. Upskilling is going ahead apace. TVET has been especially supportive of Ambrym women trying hard to improve their management skills.

Agriculture Minister Matai Seremaiah gave his advice on Read the rest of this entry »

New automated weather stations launched in southern islands

A kastom ceremony lanuches the new Automated Weather System in Anelcauhat, Aneityum. Photo: UNDP

A kastom ceremony lanuches the new Automated Weather System in Analgahaut, Aneityum. Photo: UNDP

Various international bodies have helped Vanuatu in its bid to begin operating automated weather stations (AWS). Vanuatu is the first Pacific island country with Read the rest of this entry »

New President calls for an end to domestic violence

President of Vanuatu Tallis Obed Moses. Photo: Supplied

President of Vanuatu Tallis Obed Moses. Photo: Supplied

The new President retains the headlines in the news this week, and just as well when we seem to be experiencing an increase in Read the rest of this entry »

Tallis Obed Moses elected as President

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Pastor Tallis Obed Moses was sworn in as President of the Republic at lunchtime today. Nineteen votes secured this victory which was Read the rest of this entry »